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Hi, I'm Lucy


I studied Veterinary Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) at Harper Adams University after always dreaming of working with animals. I started my own business providing care to all animals, as I have a passion for the weird and wonderful creatures too, stemming from working in an exotic Veterinary Practice and zoos.

My Team

I have had dogs since I was little and always jumped at the opportunity to accompany them to the vets and training! I have also ridden from a young age and recently taken on Frank, the cool dude.

Frankie did agility for years; she's extremely clever and loves challenging activities. Look out for her on my social media demonstrating the exercises!

Maia is the most stubborn dog I've ever met! She's very vocal and always gives her input into conversations. She has mild hip dysplasia, so she has physio herself.

Frank is the newest addition to the team. He's 20 years young and loves a carrot and roll!


Frankie (Cockapoo)


Maia (Leonberger)

I have previously worked at a specialist orthopaedic and neurological veterinary referral practice, gaining highly valuable experience working first hand with vets and nurses. Allowing me to gain a deep insight into not just the physiotherapy, but the veterinary aspects of treatment.

I have also worked on yards including the RSPCA Rescue Centre, to care for, rehabilitate and rehome horses. It allowed me to deepen my passion for equine welfare and delve into learning about the behavioural and physiological links. This is imperative in recognising pain to aid recovery and relaxation.

Frank (Cob)

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