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Remedial Exercise

Remedial exercises are incorporated into home plans to aid the work from each physiotherapy session. These may change and get harder every week depending on the animal's progression.

Exercise Prescription

Exercise plans will be tailored to each individual considering both the animal and customer's needs and capabilities. Plans can be simple or more complex, incorporating things such as poles, cones, wobble boards, kinesiology taping and lunging to target specific muscles and issues.

Fitness programs can also be developed for athletes, designed to increase their cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength for improved performance and decreased injury risk. These are especially useful after injuries or breaks before a season to reintroduce the animal back into work safely and effectively.

Home Alterations

Environmental alterations aid physiotherapy by reducing the risk of injury reoccurrence and can incorporate objects within the environment to facilitate exercise during the normal routine. Changing small things in the environment may have a large effect on the animal and lead to improved recovery in a shorter time as therapy is more frequent and consistent.

These suggestions will be made during consultations for realistic and manageable ways to improve the animal's environment to better their recovery. The most frequent recommendations are to alter the bedding of an animal or to provide non-slip options for hard wood flooring.

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