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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the manipulation of manipulate soft tissues and joints. These will be chosen specific to the issues identified on assessment and applied as necessary either during the appointment or within the home plan.


Massage has been around for thousands of years and is described as the rhythmic, systematic manipulation of soft tissues.

Main benefits are:

  •     Increased circulation

  •     Increased lymphatic drainage

  •     Improved muscle tone

  •     Improved flexibility

These combine for overall:

  •     Improved performance

  •     Decreased injury risk

  •     Faster recovery

  •     Increased range of motion

Passive Range of Motion (PROM)

PROM is the act of a person moving an animal's joint through its full range of motion. It is used as a tool to assess joint health or used within treatment to replicate moving from neurological conditions or injury.


It can be used to:

  •     Help prevent disuse problems

  •     Prevent contractures

  •     Reduce pain

  •     Assist neuromuscular re-education


Stretching is the lengthening and elongation of muscles and soft tissues, with regular stretching inducing changes. Static stretches involve holding a stretch for an animal, used after exercise. Whereas dynamic stretches require the animal to move to stretch target muscles, such as carrot stretches.

Some benefits include:

  •     Increased flexibility

  •     Reduced pain

  •     Injury prevention

Joint Mobilisations

Joint mobilisation is useful for some conditions to manipulate the joint capsule. Traction can be applied to pull bony surfaces apart, allowing movement of joint fluid for many benefits including:

  •     Decreased pain

  •     Increased joint mobility

  •     Decrease muscle spasms and tension

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