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How do I Find Tension in my Horse's Back?

Can you spot tension in your horse's back?

Tension can often lead to knots forming in the muscle. Muscle knots are also known as trigger points which usually occur from overuse of the muscle. They are tight bands in the muscle fibres that can be painful upon compression.

Massage is a great way to help ease the trigger points by breaking down the tension and improving circulation for increased oxygen and nutrient flow. Laser is also a great help with the stubborn ones!

A simple check is to run your hand down the length of your horse's back and watch how the muscles behave. If you notice any flinching, tightening or trembling, this can be a sign that there is pain within the muscle. If you notice any tension or anything unusual, it is always best to get it looked at by a professional.

Please find a video linked below with an example of tension within the back muscles of a horse:

Here we are palpating over a knot in the lumbar back muscles. You can see the muscle tensing and quivering. The reaction transfers up the whole muscle, not just the effected site, which just shows how one tiny tension spot can affect the whole horse.

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