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Stabling Tip: Does bedding influence my horse's posture?

As we are heading into winter, it is important to consider your horse's environment if they are being stabled more often.

We don't always take notice of these things but the next time you are with your horse ask yourself:

How do they stand whilst they are being stabled?

Often they stand with their hind feet raised on the beddig, putting extra weight through their front limbs. If your horse struggles with being too much on the forehand, it could be exacerbated by prolonged downhill standing.

- Consider pulling the bed forwards under their front feet, or pushing it further back if there is space to do so.

- Alternatively, haynets could be put up in multiple places around the stable to prevent standing in the same position for hours.

Here is an example of stable layout where the hind limbs will likely be raised higher than the front. Obviously the stable size will not change, however we could pull the bedding further forwards to underneath the front legs. Alternatively, the bedding could be reduced to a thin covering to minimise the angle, providing there is suitable matting underneath.

Whereas in this stable, there is enough room for the horse to stand on a flat surface whilst eating and have a big bed too.

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