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Weight Management for dogs

Weight management is a crucial part of most dogs recovery process. It is a free and easy way to help your dog. Obesity is often a contributing factor to disease onset, so it is best to keep on top of it early.


How does weight loss help your dog?


🔹It reduces the mechanical forces going through the joints. This not only can reduce pain but also slow down disease progression

🔹Fat contains inflammatory mediators that exacerbate arthritic pain. A reduction in fat tissue reduces the mediators therefore reducing pain

🔹 It contributes to increased mobility, improved lameness and in turn improves quality of life

 How to recognise an overweight dog?


🔹 Learn to body condition score. This is a free and easy way to gauge where your dog is at. There’s plenty of helpful guides online


🔹Regular weigh ins. Vets often offer this service for free and can offer advice

How can you help reduce their weight safely?


🔹Calorie restriction

🔹Changing to a less calorific food

🔹Increasing exercise if possible

🔹Switching to healthier snacks e.g. cucumber

🔹 Ensuring all treats are taken out of their daily ration


As always, it’s best to check with a professional if you have any concerns, as there may be underlying conditions present. We are happy to help with any enquires and offer a weight loss program for any of your pets.

Below are some links to great websites with further information:



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