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Winter Tips

With it dropping colder, your pets may need a little extra help to stay comfortable. Here's a few ideas:

  • Rug/coat: an obvious one but important to mention. If you have an pet slowing down, even if they have never needed one before, it may help with keeping them toastie and reducing stiffness

  • Heat pack: can be placed over their backs or sore areas to help loosen them up before exercise. Be careful of any new injuried or swelling and don't leave them unattended

  • Longer warm ups/cool downs: try to keep dogs on the lead at the start and end of the walk for longer. With horses, you can even try in hand walking prior to riding for 10 minutes

  • Avoid slippery surfaces and mud: this can be much harder work to walk through and could end in a tumble

Stay warm and here's Maia attempting to catch a snowball!

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